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Stichting EnEn
Bilderdijkkade 87 H
1053 VL Amsterdam
Email: info[at]
K.v.K.: 34198631
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The Stichting EnEn foundation supports projects that promote the integration of digital and conventional techniques in fine art. It also develops innovative and novel marketing tools.

In practice, this means that the professionals involved in the foundation perform (semi-)commercial design orders, head workshops and provide advice. The revenues are used to finance exceptional art projects and new media experiments.

The right people are brought together for each project on an ad-hoc basis, continually creating new partnerships of artists, designers, writers and creative IT specialists. You are never charged costs to cover accommodation or secretarial expenses. These are not necessary. Stichting EnEn is all about the personal enthusiasm of the project teams.

Stichting EnEn is an initiative of Amsterdam designer and fine artist Robbert Ritmeester and was formed at the end of 2003.